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10 Most Common Things That Nobody Told You About The Female Body

10 Most Common Things That Nobody Told You About The Female Body


In India or many parts of Asia, even today in the world technology people hesitate to talk about sex education openly. Due to this, mainly girls suffer a lot. We come to know about certain things on our own while we are growing up. This led to a mind full of doubts and serious self-esteem issues.  From having uneven breasts to daily discharge, women often experience things that are common and are completely normal. But instead of feeling normal, they start questioning their bodies and develop serious body consciousness. But let us tell you some things in our body are completely normal and you don’t need to worry about them.

1) Hair around nipples

Our body is having oil glands all over, that’s why we have hair follicles everywhere on our body. Hence, they are present around our nipples too. These are the result of hormonal imbalance, but it is normal!

2) One of your breasts is Bigger!

If your right breast is smaller than your left one or vice versa, it’s perfectly normal. If for some beautiful reason, they are symmetrical, then you have no doubt a unique body.

3) Vagina has a distinct smell and discharge

The vagina has a natural scent which is obviously is not as decent as a perfume but a kind of body smell. But when it starts to smell fishy, its time to see a doctor. As might be a nasty infection or a hormonal imbalance.

Talking about vaginal discharge, it is a clear, white-ish discharge on a regular basis and it is actually healthy. The matter of concern only arises only if it gets thick or changes its color. Our vaginas release this discharge to maintain its own pH scale.

4) Vaginal farts after sex

They are normal too. They are known as ‘Queefs’ and they happen due to many reasons. The most common reason is when air gets into the vagina and then gets out. If it happens during sex, all you got to do is make your partner aware of it.

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5) Bumps on vagina

These are normal and happens mainly after waxing or shaving when the hair starts growing inward. If they hurt you much then you should consult your doctor.

6) First-time sex can be painful

Having sex for the first time can be painful. Your vagina has never experienced anything like it. So it needs a little getting used to!

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