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High Life Complexities of Fertility Health - Causes And Cure

Complexities of Fertility Health – Causes And Cure

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Infertility can happen to anyone at any age. There is no limits and restrictions for infertility to be biased on certain individuals. Also, infertility is not a disease like most of us think. It is a condition by which male and female lose their ability in taking part in a successful natural fertilization process. You must notify the usage of the word natural. Why natural? Because it is the natural order of how things take place during physical intercourse between a male and female where the sperm from the male enters the vagina of the women and fertilizes the egg cell to form the embryo which later grows into the fetus and becomes the baby. If this process is not taking place then, IVF as a treatment is introduced which will help in this process by artificial assistance like artificial insemination.

There are multiple reasons by which one can become infertility. They are:

  • Researchers have found that being obese has direct effects on your fertility health. The percentage of infertility among obese men is very high.
  • Too much of drinking can destroy your sperms completely. Azoospermia is a condition which occurs in men who indulge in heavy alcohol consumption. By this condition, there are no or zero sperms in the semen of the man. The semen is watery and is very little. There is no reversal in the case of azoospermia and IVF is the only choice.
  • Smoking also has a significant effect on fertility health. Smoking is said to reduce the tail length of sperms in the male. In females, smoking weakens the fallopian tubes and can cause ectopic pregnancy where the embryo gets attached outside the uterus. This causes heavy bleeding and will result in miscarriage.
  •  Genetic reasons are one of the major causes of the past. A family history of any illness will also have higher chances of affecting us too. There is no cure for genetically caused infertility. Adoption or surrogacy are the available options.
  • Infertility due to unknown reasons is on a rise. Under this condition, we cannot clearly determine the reason for infertility. All vitals and facts will be normal but conception would not take place. This is second to male infertility which prevents couples from entering their parenthood.

Get yourself checked at any top IVF centers in Mumbai if you feel there is a delay in your journey towards pregnancy. Always remember that infertility affects each one of us in a different way and there is no one size fits for all. So do not fall into conclusions before you get yourself test for your fertility health. A lot of fertility clinics in the city offer first free consultation as well.

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