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News Computer Programmers Are Not Qualified For H-1B Visas, Clues US Department

Computer Programmers Are Not Qualified For H-1B Visas, Clues US Department

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When it comes to immigration, things have been changing quite a bit in the United States Of America. The US Department of Homeland and Security (DHS) has issued a policy memorandum noting that computer programmers may not be eligible for H-1B visas.

According to the memorandum, while deciding on H-1B visas, the federal employees should consider the job of computer programmers unsuitable for the visas because it is basic and may not require advance degrees.

Computer Programmers Are Not Qualified For H-1B Visas
Source: Kauai News

The USCIS memo¬†states, “Based on the current version of the Handbook, the fact that a person may be employed as a computer programmer and may use information technology skills and knowledge to help an enterprise achieve its goals in the course of his or her job is not sufficient to establish the position as a specialty occupation.”

“Thus, a petitioner may not rely solely on the Handbook to meet its burden when seeking to sponsor a beneficiary for a computer programmer position.” Also, there is some confusion over the impact of the new guidelines.

The decision is obvious as the trump administration continues to push the American workforce to the forefront and is trying to cut down on not only illegal immigrants but jobs going to foreign nationals, no matter how qualified they are.

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