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Meet Conchita Wurst “The Beard Lady” And Know Why She Is So Controversial

Conchita Wurst, the Austrian Drag queen is a supermodel and singer. Affectionately dubbed “the bearded lady” Conchita Wurst is an inspiration for the gays. She became popular worldwide as Austria’s somewhat controversial entry into the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

She leads a life with both the genders that are male and female and uses the name Neuwirth for masculine pronouns when referring to himself whereas use feminine pronouns to describe Wurst.

She was born as a Tom Neuwirth on 6 November 1988. He was keenly interested in fashion before embarking on a singing career. She got selected to represent Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014. There she received the most points from voting for her performance. It made her famous internationally and established her as a gay icon, resulting in invitations to perform at various prestigious places like the European Parliament and the United Nations Office in Vienna.

In a very young age, he realized that he was not like other children and a bit different. Initially believing that this was because there was “something wrong” with him. He used where skirts and frocks instead of pants and shorts during his school days. At the age of 14, Neuwirth was sent to Graz for the further studies but as he was interested in the fashion world so he continued his passion for fashion.  His fashion icon was Victoria Beckham. It was after this that Neuwirth developed the persona of Conchita Wurst, a bearded woman. In an interview, Wurst told that conchita is a Spanish slang used for vagina and Wurst is German slang used for penis.

Because of her or his unique gender equation, she mired in various controversies and Russia is the one to hurl abuse at the singer at first. As Russia sparked international outcry when it promulgated an anti-gay law which punishes homosexual propaganda. Conchita also suffered homophobic attacks.

But defying all the odds she determined to be cheerful in any circumstance and today living a life she once dreamt of. She has also found her soulmate and married him. Yes, Austrian drag queen winner has been married to Jacques Patriaque of four years and they live together in Vienna. Jacques Patriaque is a dancer and professional model.




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