Deepika Agarwal was rejected for Ajay Devgn’s film because of dull complexion

Actress Deepika Agarwal is trying hard to establish herself as an actor in this super-competitive film industry....
High Life Confessions of an Independent Girl.

Confessions of an Independent Girl.

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Gender in India is a menace. They will judge you and rule over you accordingly. They will follow the stereotypes on and on and won’t ponder a bit. They fail to understand, that what they thought to be a mere puppet, was a puppet in the hands of MEN and not in real. I am a woman and I am independent as much as I can try to be!

They think I am Rude but I am not! I just like to be myself! I do not think there is an ardent need to impress someone to survive in this world. I have realized, if I impress one, the other shows a digress and so on, making me feel low. So, what’s the point I say, why can’t I be with my own self when I know, no one could understand me better than my own “self!”.

555b8154ceb94.imageA Guy finds me interesting but dating me gets complicated! Yes of course, who does not like to date! People find my straight forwardness interesting. But it gets complicated when I tell him or them that I do not want anyone to pay the bill for what I eat and do, when I am along. Share it, let me pay but I would not want to rely on anyone for my needs. I need a partner to be with me and live each moment with me not that “buyfriend” who chases me like a trophy for just my “needs”.

They go helpless when I don’t give a damn! Well, they think it’s generic for a girl to react overtly. But with due humility my friend, not everyone is the same. Stop, please stop having that notion that all the little things in the world would effect me and make me go haywire. No! , because I know life is no bed of roses and I am no barbie doll! Things happen and we have to move on! Don’t give me that look, when you see me reacting even lesser than you would ever do!nh10

I just don’t need anyone, even if I am out late at night! Yes, I did hear one of the patriarchs last night on T.V., making us girls AWARE that we are girls. Yes, the society thinks we need to be told, we are girls as if all this while we had been completely unaware of our own identity. Anyway, much respect to all these! But, one question! If I am out late at night, it’s MEN that I have to guard myself against! So why not keep them inside and let me be! I go out for my needs, not to harm someone at least and so if I do go out, I know it can have consequences but I do not need any “prep-adjusted” sympathies.

richachaddajuly22So what if I can get drunk! I guess, no where in the world alcohal comes with a tag saying,”Only for Men”. And, yes, please get me straight, I am not that girl who gets drunk and needs guys to handle her then! I drink knowing my abilities and I am not the one who needs a hand to be dropped back then. I can handle myself, and I can even handle you if the need be! So don’t be shocked, it is something very natural.

goaI hope the next time you come across a girl like me, you really won’t have a problem in understanding, why don’t I, but you need some strength to be with an independent girl!

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