A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. True! But how to make sure if we truly have as much of a healthy mind as we claim our body to be. In an age and time where stress and tension marks every life, it is essential to know best what counters the stress and what reduces it. Alot of what we consume affects our health directly. While stress eating is a phenomenon in which eating food helps us counter the stress, there are also foods that can cause you stress and depression. Yes! Consuming these foods are surprisingly making you sad.





Caffeine present in the coffee is known to disrupt sleep causing disturbances in the mood. It also causes agitation and nervousness.



Rice is refined carbohydrates which adds to blood sugar level sa nd increases the glycemic index of the body thus, making you feel sad after having it.

White Bread


again foods rich in carbohydrates and causes mood fluctuations and fatigue by afecting the blood sugar level.



Alcohol as we all know affects the central nervous system which is responsible for controlling your motor functions and taking information through senses. slowing down of the Central Nervous System can be associated with Depression.

Ice Creams and Donuts


foods with high sugar content and trans-fat increases the sugar levels in the body causing headaches and fatigue.

Artificial Sweetners


Aspartame, a chemical present in artificial sweetners blocks the production of serotonin in the body which results in sadness, fatigue and headaches.



Red Meat and processed foods are high in saturated fats which disturbs the insulin levels. These foods can also be associated with cancer and heart diseases.

Candies with Refined Sugars


Candies nd other foods with high levels of refined sugars causes sugar-rush which contributes to depression.

Salad Dessings


the fat-free sauces in your subs ad sandwiches are not all healthy as they contain high amounts of sodium.

Chips and Fries


Fried food such as chips and fries block omega-3 fatty acids which are known to boost mood and help the brain to function normally.

Quit having these foods too often and stay happy forever! 😀

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