High Life From Injecting Botox to Depilation at Age 8 or Below, 5 Most...

From Injecting Botox to Depilation at Age 8 or Below, 5 Most Controversial Cases of Children Beauty Pageants

Children beauty pageants are becoming controversial over the Internet. It is an issue that reveals the way in which some parents try to profit from the appearance of their children, reaching the point where they do not mind compromising their mental and physical health. Let’s take an example of Britney Campbell, a San Francisco girl aspiring to Queen of Beauty. She was just 8.

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In an interview on TV, her mother Kerry revealed about the treatments she was doing to her daughter, saying that she had injected Botox several times. After her revelation, social workers took the custody of her daughter from Kerry. In her defense, Kerry said that she wanted to help Britney be much more competitive in the children’s events.

Britney Campbell

On the other hand, Britney was innocent, she was excited to become a fairytale princess. She complained that the injections hurt her face at first, but she did not want to have wrinkles on her face either. But it was a child abuse! This is just the story of Britney apart from her, there are many under 8 girls who went through this process:

Madison Campbell

Instead of playing with dolls, she started making money through modeling at the age 9.

Ira Brown

Just look at her face. She is full of innocence. The parents of this girl realized the enormous potential that she could have since very young age due to her tremendous beauty. For this reason, they decided to take her to a modeling agency when she was only 2 years old. Disgusting!

Eden Wood

This is one of the most controversial cases. She was just 1 year old when she started her career. Excessive make-up, false nails, and an artificial tan are the most prevalent in her photographs.

Maddy Jackson

This beautiful kid started from a very young age i.e 6 to participate in beauty contests. According to the reports, her mother Lisa also forced Maddy to have breast and butt implants on one occasion.

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