News This Doctor Operated 'Postmortem' on an Alien in 1947 After a UFO...

This Doctor Operated ‘Postmortem’ on an Alien in 1947 After a UFO Crash in Roswell, Now People Are Abusing Him

In 1995, the doctor Spyros Melaris who brought a video of postmortem of an alien in front of people is in controversy. People are abusing him. Recently, a doctor has revealed the truth behind this postmortem video of the alien. The doctor told how Sypros made a fake video of an alien and told people it was a video of 1945. However, the reason why people are abusing him is not the fake video.

Actually, by featuring a dummy of an alien to make it look true, the doctor has done a horrible experiment. In order to show to make it look the real postmortem, the doctor filled the brains of a sheep and a pig into the head of the dummy. He didn’t stop there! In order to show that the leg is actually wounded badly, he cut a leg of a sheep and fit it into the dummy.

Spyros shot this postmortem video in Black and White effect to make it look a video of 1947. However, the scene was exactly like this:

Millions of people trusted this video to be true because of the slaughtered foot. But this foot was of a sheep in actual. This video went viral and obviously benefitted Spyros Melaris.

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