Trending Cool Government Jobs In India That'll Change The Way You Think

Cool Government Jobs In India That’ll Change The Way You Think

While most of us at some point have given a thought to taking up a Government Job for its steady and secure nature and also because they have its own perks. But then again, those ‘most-of-us’ also hink Government jobs to be utterly boring and monotonous. Also, it comes with big money and Sanskari reputation such as becoming an IAS officer or joining the Armed forces.

But wait your opinion of Government Jobs is about to change forever once you’ve seen the list of these really cool Government jobs!

Photographer With the Photo Division of India

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Ever wonder who takes all those pictures published in the Press Trust of India? Well, they are taken by Photographers employed by the Photo division of India. You will also get to Travel with the convoys of Ministry of External Affairs.



You could become a Diplomat by taking an Exam of Indian Civil Services on Foreign land or in your own country.

Travel writers for the Indian Embassy


Become a freelance Travel writer and if you’re pretty Good at it then the Indian Embassy could put you in touch with the Department of Tourism of countries abroad and you’d get to Travel across countries, write about it and get paid for it too.

A Researcher at DRDO


Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO) is an agency responsible for development of Technology helping in Defence purposes. If you have an appetite for becoming a techie and solving problems related to aeronautics, electronics and land-combat tools then this is surely you’re thing.

Become A Raw Agent


we’ve all dreamt of becoming spies and undercover agents living in foreign countries and under fake identites learning combat skills and getting the coolest machinery and weapons. Well, you really can become a RAW Agent only it requires you to be extremely smart, fit and agile.

Forest Rangers

Indian members of the forest elephant squad treat an injured male wild elephant in theTaipu forest under Kurseong division, some 25 kms from Siliguri on July 1,2014.  Indian forest wildlife squad located the injured elephant and, with the help of the elephant squad team and two domesticated elephants, they were able to tranquilise the wild elephant and successfully treat it, a forest official said.   AFP PHOTO/ Diptendu DUTTA        (Photo credit should read DIPTENDU DUTTA/AFP/Getty Images)

If you feel drawn towards nature then this is your thing. You just need to be writing exams for the Indian Forest Services for the position of a Forest Ranger. You just need to be good at General Knowledge, english and basic mathematics.

Archaeologist or FRESCO Restoration


If you’re a History aficionado and want to be in the scene then go ahead for this one.  Dig up monuments, explore newer aspects of the Indian History, or just restore the Taj Mahal.

A Scientist At ISRO

Bengaluru: ISRO scientists and other officials celebrate the success of Mars Orbiter Mission at MARS Orbiter Command Network complex in Bengaluru on Wednesday. PTI Photo by Shailendra Bhojak (PTI9_24_2014_000048A)

The people responsible for Chandrayaan nd the even more recent Mangalayaan mission were these bright Scientists at ISRO who go through a tough examination right after 12th.

Intelligence Bureau


One of the oldest Intelligence Bureaus in the world is for those who would solve puzzles for a living. You just need to be really sharp and smart and think logically as well as otherwise.

Cargo Auction Officer


The biggest perk is that all the airport’s lost and found, along with unclaimed baggage are free to take home whatever remains with them. Also you get a whole lot of confiscated items like imported liquor, jewelry, golf kits. Plus, you get Paid!

Customs Officer


Customs Officers too get to take all the confiscated items such as imported liquor, chocolates, and undeclared jewellery. And.. you’ll be preventing smuggled goods into the country.

Coast Guard


As the name suggests, Coast guards need to guard the Indian coasts, from smuggled goods, illegal immigrants and even foreign enemies while patrolling the seas on Speed boats and hovercrafts.

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