Cool Science Facts Which Your School Probably Never Taught You

There is nothing on the planet more astounding than the marvels of science and nature unfolding before us. The innovation and the organic life we are encompassed by everyday are a proof to the way that science is much more interesting than any fantasy or magical story we’ve experienced. So, here are some such mind blowing science facts that will take you on an irresistible trek to a universe of marvel.

You can relight a candle by holding a flame into the smoke that rises after you blow it out.

When we light a candle, the wax evaporates into the air and undergoes combustion producing light in return. When we blow out the candle the smoke that rises up contains the wax vapor that hasn’t yet undergone combustion. So when you hold a flame into that smoke it lights up burning all the way down its trail to the wick, relighting the candle.