Corona Virus Can Prove To Be More Fatal For Elderly People Here’s Why

Effects of corona on old people
Effects of corona on old people

The havoc of coronavirus is spread everywhere and resulted in massive death across the globe. Among them, the most effected category is of elderly people who are in the possibility of higher risk infection. Let’s know more about it.

The corona epidemic threatened the lives of people of all ages, but it is proving more deadly for the elderly. A study in the US suggests that corona-infected elderly people who go on ventilators have an extremely low survival rate. Especially when the elderly are suffering from hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, the chances of survival are loo low.

There is quite a low risk of people dying who are below 30. The study was conducted on 257 critically ill adults. According to the reports the people who were admitted to the hospital were above 62 and two-thirds of them were male. In an ongoing study on critically ill patients admitted to the Miltensen and Allen hospitals, 39 percent of patients died and 37 percent remained hospitalized. But those who were above 80 years of age were not able to survive.

Reasons for Elderly people to be at more risk

It has been observed that Elderly people have decreased immunity. And therefore there are the chances of higher risk of COVID-19 infection. It can be more fatal among elderly people with existing health problems such as those related to lungs, heart, kidney, or if they have diabetes or have had cancer and HIV infection.

Precautions that should be taken

  1. Hands should be properly washed at regular interval
  2. Avoid coming in contact with the person infected with novel coronavirus.
  3. Keep using immunity boosters, to maintain your immune system. Since the virus can be dangerous for those who have weak immunity.

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