Coronavirus Epidemic: India Suspends All Tourist Visas Till April 15

All visas suspended in india
All visas suspended in india

Corona has become a trouble for the whole world. The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus an epidemic. The Indian government has also suspended the visas of people coming from abroad till 15 April. The World Health Organization has also declared the coronavirus epidemic in China, Iran, and Italy.

  • Government advise Indians to avoid traveling abroad
  • The government will keep people under surveillance for 14 days if returning to India from abroad
India suspends all visas

India has suspended the visa of people coming from abroad till April 15 in the aspect of Coronavirus. This ban will give exemption to diplomats, officers, employees of the United Nations and international organizations. This ban will come into force only from 13 March 2020.

The government has also said that we strictly advise Indian citizens not to take unnecessary foreign trips. If they travel back from anywhere, then they can be kept away from people for at least 14 days.

The World Health Organization has said, ‘According to our assessment, COVID-19 is now an epidemic. Health organizations are worried about the spread of this virus. It is reaching a dangerous level.

60 positive cases of coronavirus in India

Coronavirus has also engulfed India. There are 60 patients with coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in India. The Ministry of Health is also on alert mode on the coronavirus. According to the order issued by the Government of India, movement under international boundaries will also be monitored at fixed check posts. The screening will be done at every check post. This will be notified separately by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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