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Infotainment Coronavirus Lockdown: Amazon Prime Video Announced To Reduce Quality Till 14th April

Coronavirus Lockdown: Amazon Prime Video Announced To Reduce Quality Till 14th April

The government of India has decided to lockdown due to Coronavirus. People are not getting out of homes in this 21-day lock-down. At the same time, some states have been under lockdown even before this. In such a situation, people are sitting in homes and consuming large amounts of internet data. Since the offices are still closed people doing work from home are also using data. In such a situation, online streaming platforms have announced to reduce the quality of their videos. 

Amazon Prime Video, the world’s largest online streaming platform, has informed this by tweeting. Amazon wrote, ‘When you are sitting at home watching shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video, we want to tell you about a change so that people across the country can easily use the Internet on their mobiles. In this unwanted situation, we have temporarily banned the streaming of SD videos until 14 April. As we too are reducing the stress on the network as part of the effort of digital media platforms. HD or SD we will keep you entertained. Please be safe. 

Apart from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Facebook, and YouTube have also reduced the quality of their videos. The reason behind this is that the effect of more Internet usage of people is affecting the network.

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