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Entertainment Coronavirus Lockdown: Deepika Padukone Took Over The kitchen Work

Coronavirus Lockdown: Deepika Padukone Took Over The kitchen Work

Bollywood celebs packed into the house have taken over their household work because of the Coronavirus lockdown. Some are seen cooking while some cleaning or washing dishes. In such a situation, Deepika Padukone has also taken full care of herself at home and Deepika has also started a series on social media called ‘Productivity in the Time of COVID-19’, in which she can take care of her health and home.

Recently, when she cleaned up the Wardrobe, she shared it with the caption of Episode-1. After that, she is sharing photos of her workout, cooking, etc. from episode -3,4, etc. Now she has shared episode 6 of it, in which he has shared a photo, making luggage tags. From the chits seen in the photo, it appears that she has made chits for the kitchen containers.

The report said that these days Deepika Padukone is paying special attention to her house. Earlier Deepika had done the cleaning, then told about the cooking skill. However, the actress later shared a video of Katrina Kaif washing the dishes and said that her next episode was to wash the dishes, but Katrina Kaif had done it earlier.

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