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Entertainment Coronavirus Lockdown: Hrithik Roshan And Varun Dhavan Post Videos Requesting People To...

Coronavirus Lockdown: Hrithik Roshan And Varun Dhavan Post Videos Requesting People To Stay Isolated

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The time till April 14 is crucial to prevent and control the spread of coronavirus Covid 19. That is why the Central Government has declared a lockdown of 21 days. Although most people have been staying in homes by faithfully following this lockdown, yet some people are leaving out by disobeying all warnings. Meanwhile, Varun Dhawan, who has come to see such people, has posted a video, in which doctors of Mumbai’s Kasturba Gandhi Hospital are seen warning about Covid 19.

After posting this video, Varun wrote – Don’t listen to me. I am not an expert, but he is the head of the war going on against Covid 19 at Kasturba Gandhi Hospital in Mumbai. In this video, doctors are telling that no doctor, institution, government or hospital can save people from Coronavirus. If this was possible, the United States and Italy would not have suffered. Italy’s medical facilities are considered the best in the world, but most deaths have occurred there. Therefore, the most important role people can play in escaping from Corona is to stay home. By following self-isolation and lockdown with complete honesty they can defeat coronavirus. 

Watch Video Posted by Varun Here:

We know that Bollywood celebrities are constantly putting themselves in isolation. And also requesting others that they do not leave the house unless its necessary work. Hrithik Roshan also posted a new video asking for help from the children. To make elders understand. So that elders must know that there is no bravery in going out of the house to defeat Corona. We will have to fight at home. And must show courage by staying at home.

Hrithik is one of those celebs who is constantly appealing to deal with Corona. Recently Hrithik’s X Wife Susan Roshan has also come to live with the children due to the lockdown. Hrithik gave this information through social media.

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