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Coronavirus Outbreak: New WhatsApp Helpline Number Launched By Government Of India

Shubham Banyal



China says that no new case of corona infection came to light on Friday. However, 39 cases of infection are in reports from outside people. The number of deaths due to corona infection in China has also decreased rapidly. Registering Only three new cases Friday, taking the total number of deaths to 3,248. However, questions are also being raised on the credibility of China’s official figures.

206 positive cases of Covid-19 in India

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, 206 positive cases of corona infection have been confirmed in India. 10 am on March 20, 14,376 samples of 13,486 people are on queue to test.

Government release WhatsApp helpline number

The government has released a new helpdesk number amidst increasing cases of Corona virus virus in the country. This number is – 91 90131 51515.

Now anyone can question this number through WhatsApp.

Please stay safe and also take all the precautions which are nacessary to prevent the spread.


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