Dangerous cosmetics used in past
Dangerous cosmetics used in past

The beauties of previous eras did not have access to plastic surgery, So they risked no less than our contemporaries. Indeed, in the past, many cosmetics were fraught with mortal danger. Unfortunately, many women found it out too late. Mentioned below are 6 deadly cosmetics and treatments that crippled beauties.


The belladonna plant is poisonous from root to last leaf. Antiquity healers knew about the narcotic properties of belladonna juice. The use of this substance for cosmetic purposes seems highly questionable. However, women have used belladonna juice to give their eyes an irresistible sparkle. Shining and bottomless eyes gradually lost sight, and then it led to complete blindness.


The oxide of the chemical element Arsenicum has gained wide popularity as a rodent control agent. This is where the name arsenic comes from. Pharmacists of the 19th century used small doses of poison for medicinal purposes. Arsenic tablets were prescribed to even out skin tone, get rid of thinness. It is worth recalling that in the past, women with curvaceous forms were in trend. The pills really helped me get a little fat. Mainly due to the development of toxic goiter.


This chemical element has killed many lives. After all, before the discovery of benzene peroxide, people got rid of acne with mercury-based products. Pharmacists have used mercury to make anti-inflammatory drugs. It is not known how the poisonous metal treated inflammation, but mercury and its derivatives inevitably affected the nervous system. And mercury ointment for freckles was banned only in the 70s of the twentieth century. Depression is the first symptom of mercury poisoning. And in depression, the patient, as a rule, does not pay attention to illness. Further treatment guaranteed breathing, liver, kidney, and gastrointestinal problems. The cumulative action of poison accumulated in the body, bringing the victim of beauty closer to death.


The beauties of the Middle Ages smeared their faces with lead whitewash, not knowing what danger lurked in them. It is noteworthy that lead powder was popular until the 19th century. The success of the dangerous cosmetic product was due to its effectiveness. The women’s skin really took on a porcelain hue. And at the same time, refined aristocrats received the remaining symptoms of lead poisoning: thinness, disorientation in space, lack of appetite. It is difficult to imagine how many fashionable ladies have died from poisoning with this heavy metal.


The main novelty of the 1930s was supposed to be Tho-radia line of French cosmetics. It contained such hazardous substances as radium bromide and thorium chloride. The advertisements promised a rejuvenating effect by “improving blood circulation, tightening pores, and getting rid of acne and pigmentation.” Tho-radia cosmetics enjoyed great success until they turned their customers into cripples.

X-ray radiation

Every person at least once in his life got diagnosed with the help of an X-ray machine. The discovery of X-rays was a breakthrough in medicine and other areas. Cosmetology has also tried to use the invention. X-rays were considered a reliable tool. After several sessions, unwanted hair fell out. At the same time, the skin was aging and thinning. The direst consequences came several years later. It was found that an X-ray machine has led to an increase in the incidence of skin cancer.

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