Countries That Can Be The Production Hubs For Apple In The Future: India Comes In The List

Tech giant Apple has decided to expand its production. And India is on the closer view. So read out to know which other country is on the list.


Recently according to the reports. Tech giant Apple came up with expanding its manufacturing outside of China. And do you that which counties they are thinking about as their alternatives. Well, it’s actually India and Vietnam. As per The Wall Street Journal, report, Apple has talked to its contract manufacturers, about expanding its production outside China. Because of Beijing’s strict anti-Covid policy.

Since these two countries India and Vietnam, already positions a small portion of Apple’s global production. They can be the alternative. And that is the reason why they are getting a closer look at alternatives to China, According to the company. As per the analysts. Around 90 percent of Apple products like iPhones, iPads, and MacBook laptops are manufactured in China. But it is done by outside contractors. and that’s why the tech giant’s dependence on the country is at risk due to Beijing’s authoritarian Communist government and its conflicts with the US.

So if Apple will focus on its production outside China. It will also influence the thinking of other Western companies, who are thinking of being less dependent on China. Related to manufacturing or key materials. These considerations have been taken after Beijing carried out lockdowns in some cities to fight Covid-19.

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