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Countries Where Public Nudity Is Legal And Common

Being Nude is sensual delight for the body, mind and soul. Being nude outdoors may be awkward for you but it gives a sense of freedom to some. If you try to find nudist destinations in the world you will find most of them around Europe.

In general, there are countries where there are no laws which prescribe what clothing is required to be worn. Here is the list of countries where public nudity is legal and common:


public nudity legal in spain

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Spain allows nudity as a fundamental individual right. Spain is most liberal country in terms of getting nude and having sex at public places. Being nude in public like beaches, streets, parks is allowed in whole of Spain.


public nudity is legal in france

France seems to be the most tolerant although public sex is officially forbidden but when it comes to Cap D’Agde you can experience public sex with hundred of swingers right at the beach at different times of the year.

The Netherlands

amsterdam red light district

You can walk on street naked in The Netherlands. As long as you are acting normal, it is legal. Legally a town or town borough can be designated where nudity recreation is allowed but it cannot ban public nudity in other areas. Amsterdam is Europe’s most famous red light district.


public nudity is legal in germany

Public nudity is legal in Germany but in certain places. The city of Munich has given approval to allow naked people to wander and to sunbathe in public places.


croatia public nudity

There are no special laws and punishment on public nudity in Croatia. It has well developed naturist culture with camp sites and hotels. There are lot of places for swinging.

United Kingdom

UK public nudity

Its already in their law that nudity is allowed at certain places like nudist beaches.

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