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Couple Caught in Cameras While Kissing in a Lift of a Metro Station, Police Turns in Action

Recently in Hyderabad, many couples have been caught getting cozy in the elevators of Metro stations. These couples were unaware of the CCTV cameras embedded in the lifts. They caught while getting cozy and kissing each other.

A video then emerged on the internet featuring one of the couples getting cozy in the lift. It is now getting viral. The video shows young and restless couples in love in the lifts. While the lifts were set up to facilitate access, several youngsters were seen making out in them. It is public obscenity and they don’t that getting intimate at the public places is a crime in India under section 294 of the Indian penal Code.

Videos were taken while the couple was inaction, they then extracted from CCTV and got circulated on the internet. Lifts across all Hyderabad Metro stations are equipped with CCTV cameras. HMR officials say, before the moral police get to work, the matter will be investigated. Officials pointed out that they are trying to identify the stations where such scenes were captured and required action shall be taken in the future.

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