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News An Elderly Couple Dies As 128Kg Wife Falls On Husband

An Elderly Couple Dies As 128Kg Wife Falls On Husband

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In a strange incident in Rajkot, an elderly couple lost their life as the 128kg woman slipped on her husband and crushed his head. The 68yr old Manjula Vithlani was rushing on the stairs towards the first floor of her house where her son and daughter-in-law were living. Her son Ashish had some breathing problems, that’s the reason why she was rushing towards their house as Ashish was again finding some problem in breathing.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know that her husband Natvarlal was following her on the way. As soon as her steps slipped, she fell on Natvarlal, crushing him badly. Natvarlal got several serious head injuries and also lost his life due to them.

Manjula Vithlani - The 128kg woman who fell on her husband
Manjula Vithlani – The 128kg woman who fell on her husband, Source: timesofIndia

At around 4am, Nisha came downstairs to get some medicine for Ashish. Her in-laws also woke up and hurriedly tried to go upstairs to check his health. However, Manjula could not keep her balance and slipped. She fell on Natvarlal who was climbing behind her. They were rushed to a private hospital where both died of cerebral haemorrhage,” the police officials informed.

Another expected shock also came after this incident when Ashish’s wife Nisha also slipped on the stairs while trying to save them. Currently, she’s alright and is admitted to a hospital with injuries on her leg.

Pradhyuman Ravaiya, the case officer has this to say about this incident, “The couple always remained anxious about their son’s health. On getting to know that he had taken ill, they tried to reach the first floor in too much hurry.

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