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Trending Shocking! This Couple Has Been Living In The Gutter For 22 Years

Shocking! This Couple Has Been Living In The Gutter For 22 Years

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How our never-ending needs and desires can increase our thirst for things and bother us to compromise with the life, Maria Garcia and her husband Miguel Restrepo is the live example for that. If you are wondering what we are discussing then it is about a couple who have been living in a gutter from the past 22 years.

couple living in the gutter

Both Maria and Miguel were drug addicts when they met in Medellin, Colombia. The area is notoriously known for violence and narcotics trafficking. Drug addiction made them so poor that they lost their house. 

couple living in the gutter for 22 years

In such situation, both husband-wife decided to shift in the tunnel located away from the city. The couple doesn’t love lonely in the gutter, they had a pet dog called Blackie who use to live with them. They both are childless.

couple living in the gutter

They were disowned by their families. They made a unique house inside the tunnel with the utterly basic needs inside.

couple living in sewer for 22 years

Recently a photo-journalist noticed the couple in the gutter. He clicked their photos and shared it on social media. And the couple became a sensation on social media since that day. 

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