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High Life After Getting Married This Couple Didn't Return Home And Now Living in...

After Getting Married This Couple Didn’t Return Home And Now Living in a School Bus, Know Why?

The love story of Mili and Marcus of California, USA is unique and interesting. They met each other when they both were in school. Later they studied in the same college too. They became life partners from friends and got married at age 27. But they decided to not to return their home after the wedding. They decided to spend life in a school bus.

Yes, you read it right! These childhood lovers are now living their life by traveling around the world in a school bus. They installed a bedroom, toilet and a kitchen in the bus.

They have traveled through Arizona, Mexico, Costa Rica, Salvador and Belize so far. Before wedding also, they were fond of traveling around the world.

In 2015, they traveled around the whole Australia. They both decided to marry as their interest of traveling was same. The interior of the school bus is amazing. They have a wallpaper showcasing the world map.

Not only this, they have a number of followers on the Instagram. Their followers not only ask them for traveling tips but also ask for relationship tips from Mili and Marcus.

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