Bihar has been the city with the most number of murders since decades. And some stuff like murder eradication in a city like Bihar is real progress in the country. The police crime statistics in Bihar backs chief minister Nitish Kumar’s claim that crime rate has come down by about 27 per cent since cheating of total prohibition in the state in April.

nitish kumar - Crime rate down By 27% In Bihar Since Liquor Restriction
The Crime figures compiled by state police headquarters reflect slide in outrageous crimes like murder, kidnapping for ransom, rape, arms act, atrocities against women and SC & ST and riots among others during the month of April as compared to data from last year. The police headquarters have compiled the figures on the basis of reports submitted by respective SSPs and SPs of districts following the restriction.

Crime-rate - Crime rate down By 27% In Bihar Since Liquor Restriction

Chief minister Nitish Kumar yesterday had announced a complete ban on sale and consumption of alcohol, including country, spiced and Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), in the state.  As far as other offences are  concerned, The number of burglaries also slid by 2.40 per cent (from 333 to 325), the number of atrocities against women by 13.32 per cent (from 398 to 345) and a number of atrocities against SC and ST by 45.09 per cent (from 499 to 274). Well, its a very up built initiative taken by the chief minister of Bihar and we all hope that it’ll work out as it is expected.

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