Soccer Superstar and Hearthrob Cristiano Ronaldo has stepped over and splashed $55 Million for his agent and long-time best mate, Jorge Mendes, on his wedding gift which is presumably an island in Greece! yes, a freaking island!

Real Madrid football player Cristiano Ronaldo attends a presentation of the book 'The key Mendes' at the Palace Hotel Featuring: Cristiano Ronaldo Where: Madrid, Spain When: 22 Jan 2015 Credit: Oscar Gonzalez/

Island of the Onassis Family, Greece ca. 1970-1997 Skorpios, Epirus, Greece

Ronaldo, who is even the best man at Mendes’ wedding didn’t bother to go for the usual stereotyped wedding presents but has proved his long-time faith and friendship for Jorge! The exact location of the island has not yet been revealed and neither was the price paid for it probably because it would be rude to tell the price for a gift and for the Mendes’ to have some peace whenever they are out there!


Cristiano has once again shown why people all over the world love him so much and what n amazing friend and person he really is!