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News CRPF DSP Gill's wife Baljeet Got Murdered

CRPF DSP Gill’s wife Baljeet Got Murdered

A murder case of Baljeet Kaur who was the wife of DSP SGS Gill of CRPF has come to light. The reports say that the murderers were two strangers who, have been captured in CCTV cameras while entering the house. According to the reports, there was no robbery in the house which made the concept clear that the incident was allegedly planned up with the intention of committing the Murder. Baljeet accompanied her son in the same house but unfortunately, her son was unaware when the two unidentified people entered the house.

Currently, the police have taken the cell phone of Baljeeet Kaur under their custody and investigated the number of things regarding the incident from Baljeet’s son. Police have informed the DSP about the incident as he was in Chandigarh. DSP has left for Amritsar as soon as the incident was reported.

According to the reporters, Baljeet stayed alone at her residence with her son as per the statement of Baljit Kaur’s mother Kashmir Kaur and the neighbors. They informed the reporters that earlier Baljit Singh’s was posted in Tamil Nadu, but he has been transferred to Chandigarh and staying there past few months.
Baljit Kaur had no rivalry with anyone as per statement of the neighbors and family members. Police officer Gaurav Kumar said that Baljit’s son had gone to school at the time when the murder took place. Currently, the police is investigating the whole incident and the mystery behind Baljit’s murder.

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