India Crying Kid in the Viral Video Shared by Virat Kohli is the...

Crying Kid in the Viral Video Shared by Virat Kohli is the Niece of This Bollywood Celebrity

3 days ago Virat Kohli shared a video that went viral for all wrong reasons. This video featured a girl child crying as she seemed pressurized by her parents for studying. In this hurtful video, the little girl was being fearfully made to study and she was seen pleading for leniency. The ace cricketer shared the video and fully criticised the woman for scaring the little girl. Not only Virat but Yuvraj Singh and Shikhar Dhawan also noticed it and called it disgraceful.

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Now what we going to tell you next is more surprising! The little girl in this viral video is related to famous Bollywood’s brothers’ singer duo Toshi and Sharib. She is the niece of Toshi and Sharib named Haya and the lady who was rebuking the child was her mother means the sister of these.

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After the video was criticized fully by the social media users, Toshi came forward and here’s what he said in his defense. Toshi revealed to a leading daily that Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan don’t know about the kid. It’s in her nature and if we leave her then she won’t be able to study. His actual words were,

 “Hamare bachche ke bare mein humein pata hai naah ki hamara bacha kaisa hai! Uska nature hai waisa… Agle hi pal woh khelne chali jaati hai.”

The singer further said that Haya is very stubborn and always give excuses to escape from the study. But she is an angel and the family loves her.

He added that,

“It’s not a big thing as in every house, kids act differently. Toshi asked people not to judge the love of a mother by watching a 1.5-minute video saying that if a child throws tantrums then should people stop teaching them?”


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