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News Technology Customers Are Demanding A Cure For The Touch Disease But Apple Prefers...

Customers Are Demanding A Cure For The Touch Disease But Apple Prefers To Ignore The Claims

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What is exactly iPhone “touch disease”? Because of which a giant like Apple is bound to find a cure for it.  However, the tech giant refuses to talk about it. Touch disease is an affliction of Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models which hit stores in 2014. The main theory is that the phone suffers from  a design flaw, which can make the screen freeze up and stop responding. Literally, it ignores touch commands. It is shocking to know that such a huge brand like apple is corrupted.


Four proposed class-action lawsuits have been filed against apple, two in Canada and two in U.S.  and have also alleged that the California-based tech giant knew about the defect and failed to take action. Some people complained that  their phone became permanently or periodically unresponsive to touch and that Apple demanded hundreds of dollars to fix or replace it.


“You miss calls, you can’t text, it’s a horrible piece of crap,” said Trina Rae Wiegers from Prince Albert, Sask., the lead plaintiff in one of the Canadian suits. Complaints are also piling up on online discussion sites and social media. This disease has started a hashtag on Twitter. “#touchdisease it’s a thing, it’s serious,” someone tweeted last week. “You need to take responsibility,” another person tweeted to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook

Still, apple is keeping mum on this issue. Earlier this month, the company told CBC News it has “no comment” on the issue.

‘Heartbreaking’ end to iPhone

Hawwa Motiwala in Toronto, a 19-year-old high school student says  “With Apple, they just kind of leave you hanging. And claims that she’s also a victim of touch disease.

Motiwala had her heart set on an iPhone but couldn’t afford the ticket price. So she bought a second-hand 6 Plus for $750 in February. “It was my first Apple product and I was really looking forward to it.” She says that in September a flickering gray bar started to pop up on the screen and then the device would freeze up periodically. And after a few days, the phone permanently stopped working.

iPhone6 touch disease

“She was crying the first night,” reports her father, Yusuf. He says he took her phone to a local Apple store and was told Motiwala would have to pay around $480 for a replacement — money she doesn’t have.

Apple is not going to do any recall soon  or later. “I’m trying to swipe to answer the call and I can’t even swipe,” says the IT worker, who uses the phone for his job. “Sometimes I have those instances where I just want to throw it against the [wall]. It’s getting frustrating.”

Is Apple willing To Fix “Touch Disease”

Justin Tse a tech enthusiast believes Apple may very well do that, but is still gathering evidence at this time. “I think Apple is remaining quiet about it because they’re likely still trying to determine the actual problems surrounding it before releasing any statements.”


Tse lives in Victoria where he runs JTechApple, a consumer tech news and review site on YouTube.  According to him from August he was getting a lot of complaints about defective iPhone 6 and 6 plus. After analyzing them he concluded that the phones were suffering from iPhone “touch disease”.  “As a result of the bending, the [circuit] board design causes a very important component to separate,” says Tse.

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