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Do You Know The Real Purpose Of The Cylindrical Blocks Which Are Attached To The Chargers Of Your Laptops?

Remember the day when you dropped your laptop and got badly scolded by your parents? If yes, then we think you were also the one who took it to the repair shop and while flinging the wire of your charger, you also got the thought that “What does this (check the pic below) cylindrical block at end of the charger really means?

ferrite bead - cylindrical block at the end of a charger
Source: quoracdn

Well, don’t worry because you are not alone in this maze. This is what the thousand of people on the internet also wants to know.

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Wait, here’s more:

cylindrical block on gizmodo
Source: Gizmodo

And More:

super user - cylindrical block
Source: SuperUser

Well, If so many people really want to know the real purpose of this cylindrical block, then here is the answer:

Well, this big black cylindrical is actually known as ferrite bead and actually, serves the purpose of an inductor or we can also say “SILENCER“. Confused why? That’s because this inductor actually helps in controlling the unwanted noise of your laptop’s charger.

ferrite_cores - those cylindrical bars
Source: Cloudfront

Each and every electronic device, when transforms high-frequency currents, is meant to make some really annoying noise. Now whenever that high-frequency current travels from the ferrite bead (the cylindrical block), loses that noise and comes to peace again. Which means that you should all thank the ferrite bead because if it didn’t have existed in the first place, then all of your charging cables would have disturbed you by making a continuous buzzing sound.

inside a ferrite block
Source: Quoracdn

Ferrite beads are made up of electromagnets, that’s how they control that noise by reducing its electromagnetic frequency (All right, no more physics).

These beads can be found on almost each and every household electronic device which works on high frequency like laptop charger, camera charger, VGA cable, fridge cable and even your PLAYSTATION CONTROLLER, so remember to preserve these precious cylindrical block if you don’t want to hear any stupid buzzing while playing your favourite video game.

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