D. B. Cooper Where are you?: Release date, story, and everything we know so far

D. B. Cooper, Where are you?! Here is another documentary mini-series for the people who want to solve the mystery behind the story. Since this was a true story, the choice to make it into a film piqued the interest of the people who were perplexed about what had happened to a man named Cooper.

D. B. Cooper: Where are you?! – Release Date

A new Netflix mini-series produced by Fulwell 73, the company co-owned by James Corden, and helmed by award-winning director Marina Zenovich will drop on Netflix on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. The show will consist of 4 episodes, all of which will be released on July 13.

D. B. Cooper: Where are you?! –  A real story?

Yes! D. B. Cooper: Where are you?! is based on a true story This is the long-term search for a man who has caused great chaos among the passengers on the plane. It has been more than 50 years since a man named D B Cooper hijacked a Northwest Airlines passenger jet.

What exactly is the plot of the series?

A new Netflix documentary series is presently taking a fresh look at the case trying to discover a few answers. With few hints and too many suspects, this will be a hard case to crack. However, just maybe, this new series will be able to solve one of the 20th century’s greatest mysteries.

By following the characters as they search for hints to Cooper’s whereabouts, the movie explores the theme of suspense. The audience is left wondering whether Cooper is alive and well somewhere living a comfortable and anonymous life.

D. B. Cooper: Where Are You?! Trailer