Daddy and Daughter decide to recreate Old photos after Moms Death after facing the loss of a loved one that leaves behind unbelievably painful memories for any living soul. Have you wondered how hard it would be to walk this earth without your loved ones beside you whether it be your parents or your spouse or your siblings or friends.


Rafael raised his 1 -year-old daughter Raisa single-handedly after his wife Tatiane passed away in a car accident in 2013. However, Rafael decided to put togther his lfe for their daughter and decided a perfect way to honour and commemorate his late wife’s death and loving memories by recreating old photos with his daughter.




The Clothes, accessories and even the dog in the newly recreated photos are the same to cherish the memries of his lovely wife and how her presence shall always be felt.

wife2 (1)



They also composed a video of the shooting of the images and the song in the video is loved and sung by Rafael’s daughter. He also admitted to have cried several times on hearing the song..

Watch the video and make sure to keep some tissues close because this will definitely bring tears to your eyes!

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