Raveena Tandon Called Female Celebs ‘Soft Targets’ In Drug Case

After the A-list Bollywood celebs were exposed in the drug case. Actress Raveena Tandon Calling them ‘soft targets’ said "No Drug Supplying...
Entertainment Producer Insulted This Star Actor After Seeing Him First Time, Asked Him...

Producer Insulted This Star Actor After Seeing Him First Time, Asked Him to Become a Watchman

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On May 25 the film Bioscopewala got released. Danny Danzongpa is the leading actor of the film. Today we will tell you something about him that you never knew before! Danny from Sikkim years ago came to the city of dreams, Mumbai to become a successful actor.

He was a young with small eyes and all the features of what were known as Gorkhas who generally made a living as honest security guards. In order to get some work in the Bollywood, Danny went to famous producer Mohan Kumar and stopped outside his bungalow to try his luck. He could find an entry to the bungalow because most of the guards were from Sikkim or Nepal.

He had the opportunity to meet Mohan Kumar who had produced and directed a number of Bollywood films. he somehow managed to meet him and told him about his dream of becoming an actor. On this, Mohan Kumar is said to have laughed out aloud. He made fun of Danny and said he could join the guards at his bungalow. What happened next is very interesting to know!

Danny was a man of strong will, he couldn’t take the insult and took a decision that moment. He noticed that there was a piece of land lying vacant next to Mohan Kumar’s house and he silently swore to himself that one day he will build his bungalow on that same land next to Mohan Kumar’s bungalow.

After struggling a lot and with his hard work and patience, he became a famous actor. He also remembered his vow. Danny finally bought that land at whatever price was demanded and built “D’Zongrila”, the kind of bungalow very few people in Juhu had.

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