The Times we have today parents want their kids to become Engineers for a very logical reason which is, “Engineer ban ke Engineering Seekhe na Seekhe. Jugaad Lagana toh Seekh hi Lega!” and mind you! Engineers are the Kings of Jugaad. If you have a problem, We have a Jugaad! *Ta-ding* And therefore, dating an Engineer is probably the best thing you will do.

Engineers are Blessed With Free Time!


Whether they have their day at college packed with back to back lectures and attendance is always an issue, yet we never say never to mass bunks! Coz you will be a traitor if you do! And college is all about roaming around in and out of campus, watching every movie as it hits the theatres, trying out every food place in the city. So you’ll never have to worry about going out or having fun.

Engineers Love Daaru and All those who too Love Daaru..


Kuch bhi ho, koi bhi baat ho, “Bhai chal Daaru Peete Hain!” “Yaar main Detain Hogya”,”Chal Daaru Peete Hai” , “Bhai Teri Bhabhi ne Haan Boldiya!!!” “Arrey waah! Bhaii Aaj toh Daaru Peeni Bannti Hai!”  “Yaar Lecture Laga Laga Ke Pakk Gaya Hoon!”, “chal Paas Waale Theke Pe chal Ke Daaru Peete Hai!” So If you like to enjoy drinks, you might find your match in an engineer!

Loyalty Will Never be an Issue while Dating A Mechanical Engineer!


Though girls can be found in other departments but still there’s always this problem with Mechanical Engineers.

They Are Trained to Handle Stress 


Engineers are the Masters in getting things done at the last moment. Whether its an assignment for a project, Preparation of an Exam or anything else. So your unplanned dates will never be a problem.

They Are Charming as Hell! How else Do you think they manage to talk Teachers Into Passing Them?


Oh yes Well! Engineers have a special Gift in this one. They are wonderfully charming and born with a great sense of humor. So you’l never feel bored with them.

They Are So Good At Cramming that They’ll Never Forget Your Birthdays or Anniversary.


With Them you’ll never have to fight about him forgetting your birthday or your anniversary. We’re just so good at mugging things up!

Engineers Have A Whole lot of Extra Talents such as, Photography, Singing, Playing an Instrument, writing, Acting, Painting or just about any creative skill..



Because rarely an engineer ever wanted to be an Engineer. Most of us just got caught in the wrong place.

They Are Habitual of Pulling All-nighters *Wink*


It comes from alot of different aspects and its a quality and stamina attained over a period of time.

Engineers Can also be Very Dedicated


It takes alot of effort, mental strength and dedicationt to study the same subject over and over again.

They can be Counted on For a Long-Term Relationship


The 4 or maybe even more years of Engineering college has taught them to Keep Calm and Carry on!

In the end Engineers are all about Solving Problems they never knew existed in ways they clearly don’t even understand.

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