India Girls Grew up as Sex Workers' Daughters Are Now Living Together in...

Girls Grew up as Sex Workers’ Daughters Are Now Living Together in a Hostel For Better Future

Sex workers – what comes to your mind after reading this word? A life we never ever want in our worst of the dreams.  To sell your body to strangers, to fulfil their fantasies we can’t even imagine how disgusting it is to even think like. A 28 years old prostitute once revealed in an interview that she used to sleep with 5 men in a day.

No one becomes a sex worker with their choice it is the circumstances, poverty and human trafficking that make such women do so. But trust it or not, but no any sex worker want her children to become the same. They want them to grow up in a good environment and lead a good and respectful life that they never had.

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Remember the Bollywood film, Chandni Bar? In this film, actress Tabu forced to be a prostitute but she somehow finds a husband in one of his customers. She marries him but he is a part of one of infamous Mumbai’s gun gang and gets killed in the police encounter. Tabu survives with her two children from her husband and wishes for Abhay and Payal to be educated, and stay far away from her world of dancing girls and Pottya’s world of gangsters. But unfortunately, in the film her daughter follows her mother’s footsteps, and her son is set to be another gangster.

But these girls who grew up as the daughters of sex workers in Mumbai’s red-light areas have decided to come out of this hell of a life and won’t become what their mothers are. They are living together in a hostel and are helped by an organization named Kranti.

Kranti is an organization co-founded by an Indian-American Robin Chaurasiya. It empowers marginalised girls from Mumbai’s red-light areas to become agents of social change. Robin Chaurasiya teaches girls aged between 12 and 20 and helps them prepare for international fellowships. Many of the Kranti girls are already doing well in their lives.

If Shweta Katti is studying psychology in New York, Kavita Hosmani won a scholarship to travel on a ship, covering 12 countries over a period of six months. We wish them luck for a better future and appreciate them as they are defying all the odds.

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