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High Life Day By Day, India Is Becoming Hindu Pakistan Under PM Modi Leadership

Day By Day, India Is Becoming Hindu Pakistan Under PM Modi Leadership

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“Secular India” presents limitless diversities of cultural patterns and physical appearances. But we jump directly to our question i:e Is PM Modi bringing political stability in India? So-called nationalists are the most anti-national in terms of the consequences of their actions. Yes, you guess it right, the topic is about rising Hindutva ideology across the country and an amount of fear which is increasing in the minority community.

 India Is Becoming Hindu Pakistan
Source: The Indian Express

Mera Bharat Mahan?

Seditious talk and right-wing violence are increasing day by day. Freedom of speech is interrupted every day. We did debates on India’s Gurmehar Kaur to prove our nationalism. Moreover, we are rewriting history (school students in Rajasthan will now be taught that the Rajput king Maharana Pratap defeated the Mughal emperor Akbar).

 India Is Becoming Hindu Pakistan

A 15-year-old Muslim boy was stabbed to death by a group of men on a train. Stabbed for being a Muslim? Where our society is going?  On September 28, 2015, Mohammed Akhlaque was killed by vigilante mobs in his village near Delhi.

Lynchings in India are very similar to blasphemy killings in Pakistan.

Kashmiri Alleging Our Country As “Hindu India”

Some Kashmiris are really looking for an alternative that’s why they are keen to join militants. Viral video of lynchings of Muslims suspected of eating beef, ‘smuggling’ cows, and other related perceived crimes.

 India Is Becoming Hindu Pakistan
Source: Hindustan Times

Yes, I completely agree that if someone from a community commits a crime we don’t punish the whole community. And also, it’s not reasonable to blame the whole Hindu community of being extremists.

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