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Brutal AF And Never Had a Heart of Mercy, Most Dreaded Lady Dons Of India

1) Reshma and Shabana Memon

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These were the Mafia queens who ruled the underworld. Reshma Memon is the wife of the Underworld Don, Tiger Memon. She was one of the planners of the 1993 Mumbai Bomb Blasts. There are now reports that she is now living in Karachi.

Shabana Memon is the Sister in Law of the dreaded gangster, Tiger Memon and is the wife of Ayub Memon who is accused of being part of the 1993 Mumbai Bomb Blasts. She has an association with D-Company, the gang of Dawood Ibrahim.

2) Shobha Iyer

Shobha Iyer is one of India’s most wanted female criminals. Iyer is difficult to trace because the police have no pictures or sketches of her. She was the lady gangster of Mumbai.

3) Archana Balmukund Sharma

Archana is an active member of Babloo Srivastav gang and a trusted lieutenant of Fazal-ur-Rehman. From extortion, Murders to kidnapping, she was involved in many cases. She is now missing.

4) Samaira Jumani

She was considered one of the most brutal women ever to be associated with D-Company. She was the ex-wife of Abu Salem. She was said to be the most brutal when it came to deciding life and death. She is currently absconding in the US.

5) Rubina Siraj Syed

This dreaded lady don helped Chota Shakeel and the other members of Dawood Ibrahim to come out of jail by using her connections. She used to supply heroin, food, arms and money to members of the Chhota Shakeel gang. She is now serving a sentence at the Byculla prison.

6) Gangubai Kothewali

She ran multiple brothels across Mumbai and forced many women into the sex trade. But people of Mumbai idolize her and say it was her of offering protection to many homeless women.

7) Phoolan Devi

One of the most dreaded dacoits of Chambal valley. Phoolan Devi’s lover was killed by bandits during a leader rivalry and she was also raped multiple times. She formed her own dacoit gang and avenged the death of her lover as well as what happened to her. Media portrayed her as a rebel.


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