TikTok Star “Siya Kakkar” Commits SUICIDE After Sushant Singh Rajput

The process of death of stars is not stopping at all. Now, 16-year-old TikTok star Siya Kakkar committed suicide after the death...
High Life Revealed: Death Date Of Queen Elizabeth II, George H.W.Bush And Jimmy Carter

Revealed: Death Date Of Queen Elizabeth II, George H.W.Bush And Jimmy Carter

According to the website which correctly predicted 12 celebrity deaths in 2016, says Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and former US Presidents George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter are expected to die this year. The owners of DeathList.net provided a list of 50 celebrities based on the likelihood of their death during 2017, The Press TV reported.

David Rockefeller
Source: Health Nut News

Interestingly, the website correctly predicted the death of American Banker, David Rockefeller, who died at the age of 101 after suffering congestive heart failure on 20 March 2017.

The list included two former US Presidents Bush and Carter along with 93-year old Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe. He has ruled the African country for more than 36 years. Former Pope Benedict XVI is also on the list.

Queen Elizabeth II
Source: The Famous People

Last year, twelve of the people on the website’s shortlist passed away, including former US First Lady Nancy Reagan, American Boxing champion Muhammad Ali and Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. The owners of DeathList.net say that the Queen, 90, and her husband Prince Philip, 95, are next in line to die.

The DeathList 2017 is a list of 50 celebrities that chosen by an expert committee for their likelihood to die during 2017.

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