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Debate On Radhe Maa Went Violent Astrologer Slapped Baba For Passing Personal Comments

A Debate on the much dragged Radhe Maa controversy went absurdly violent when Astrologer Deepa Sharma slapped Baba Omji For passing personal comments.

Source: Google

It was just another debate or discussion until things went ugly and Baba Omji Maharaj passed some personal  comments on the life of Astrologer Deepa Sharma wich were utterly disgusting and distasteful. The lady after hearing all the remarks quietly rose fromher seat and went ahead to smack the Baba ard who in turn did not hold anything to give it back to the lady! Ceck out the video from the show “Aaj Ka Mudda

What do you think people Dharam Gurus doing the right thing and leading us right? Honourable guests on LIVE TV Show should behave like this? This is definitely one of the most deplorable and worst incidents happened on Tv shows!

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