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Debate: Should Indian companies have a policy of menstrual leaves?




Pain during periods is a natural phenomenon in women. It causes mood swings, makes them feel exhausted and cry in pain. A lot of women suffer from this pain, but should women be entitled to menstrual leaves is a debatable topic

Is it really necessary? Is that just a Gender-Sensitive HR practice? Is that making us old by taking us back to the time when women used to stay indoor and considered periods as a “curse”?

Lets Discuss.


For the motion:

During menstruation most women experience some physiological and psychological uneasiness and allowing them to take rest during periods will boost their mental health and motivate them to work and improve their performance.

Most of the countries like, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Canada, etc. have enacted various laws regarding paid menstrual leaves.

Strong menstrual pain induces intense exhaustion, reduces memory and work-proficiency and leads to terrible mood swings.

According to a proven study, “Women are three times more productive, immediately after their period, which is called Spring Section of the cycle.”


Against the motion:

Menstruation is after all a natural process and there is no reason why a women should be asked to take a leave just because they are shedding the lining of their wombs.

In India, Having menstrual leave is a taboo topic. Women can’t discuss it  or let others know about it in their office. In such cases it might just prove to be something awkward and a subject for interesting office chit-chat.

As this paid leave is only available to female workforce, it will likely aggravate the gender gap as male counterparts may feel discriminated.

Most women don’t experience that level of pain and don’t need a special leave.

We would love your participation in this debate. Leave your views in the comments section below.

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