Shahid Kapoor To Resume Filming ‘Jersey’ In Dehradun, Chandigarh Next Month

Bollywood Actor Shahid Kapoor is all set to start shooting for the film next month in the Dehradun and Chandigarh locations.
High Life Why This dedicated traffic cop is becoming one of Shimla’s Attractions ?

Why This dedicated traffic cop is becoming one of Shimla’s Attractions ?

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Although, Shimla traffic police and administration is struggling to manage over-crowding of roads, still there are a few rare policemen who are seen performing their duty with dedication.

exceptions are always there. Here is one in our traffic police. Meet Rakesh Kumar, a Shimla traffic cop, who can be seen on duty in Shimla, most often at Victory Tunnel.

His enthusiasm and efforts are clearly visible when he whirls and moves around every part of the chowk hurriedly, whistling and waving his hands swiftly to signal.

rakesh kumar shimla traffic police

Most of the time, he wears sunglasses, white gloves in hands with a hat. He is tall and handsome. His dress is spotless and properly ironed. His movements are swift and he puts a lot of energy in every hand-signal he makes. He is simply unavoidable for any driver. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a luxury SUV or a Bajaj Discover bike, everyone is equal for him.


He’ll not spare anyone who is using cellphone or smoking cigarette while driving or displaying any unsafe driving habit.

Surprisingly, his consistency is incredible. He carries out his business with same energy everyday with no show-off in reserve for VVIPs or anyone. Every time he is on duty, he maintains the same level of energy, swiftness and control over traffic.

Even the pictures and the video clip posted above are captured without his knowing anything about it. Many would fake in front of camera, but that will not be worth it. Moreover, this is one side of his life while he is on duty.

We are not sure from where does he derive his motivation from, but he deserves a round of applause considering his dedication to his duty.

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