India Rakhi Sawant's Boyfriend Deepak Kalal Badly Beaten up in Delhi

Rakhi Sawant’s Boyfriend Deepak Kalal Badly Beaten up in Delhi

Deepak Kalal who grabbed attention when announced his marriage with Rakhi Sawant is in news. The couple announced that they will going to marry on December 31 in New York. Half of the January has gone and nothing like that happened yet!

Now, according to the latest reports, Deepak Kalal has got beaten publicly in Delhi. Deepak shot to fame after his weird videos went viral on the internet. Recently, he was caught by a group of men on the highways of Delhi and was beaten up by them badly. They made him plead and promise to the viewers that he would never make any such videos ever again.

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Not only that, surprisingly, the entire incident was run live on Deepak’s YouTube channel. The man who beat him is named Deepak Nandal. In the viral video, he can be seen telling Deepak Kalal that his videos put bad impact on teenage and children. He further said that if again he sees Deepak Kalal making any such video, he would find him from any corner of the world, and would again beat him. But he also asked Kalal’s followers to appreciate him if he makes any “good” video. Here’s the video:

Deepak Nandal can also be seen saying in the video that he will beat Kalal’s followers also if they will support him for putting explicit or weird videos.

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