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Entertainment This Actor-Director's Wife Throws Him Out And Now Demanding a Huge Alimony 

This Actor-Director’s Wife Throws Him Out And Now Demanding a Huge Alimony 

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Near about 7 months ago actor-director Deepak Tijori’s wife Shivani Taneja thrown him out of the house. But it seems it wasn’t enough for Deepak Tijori. It was a while ago that the news came that Deepak’s wife had asked him to give Rs 1 lakh every month for the upbringing of his daughter Samara. However, for Deepak, this amount was huge and he could not give it. Now, this amount has been increased to 1 Lakh 40 thousand rupees.

Unable to pay such a huge amount, Deepak has now filed a petition in the court saying he cannot afford this amount. According to reports, after discovering Deepak’s extramarital affair, his wife threw him out of the house. Deepak lived with wife Shivani and children in 4 BHK flat in Goregaon. After discovering his extramarital affair Shivani filed a divorce case against Deepak in Bandra court and demanded compensation from him. Deepak is away from the limelight for years, in such case he is not able to give up maintenance to wife and children. He also appealed to the court for this. Even after reducing the amount of compensation, Deepak is unable to pay the alimony demanded. He has appealed to the court again and is awaiting the verdict.

Deepak Tijori’s daughter Samara

Deepak’s marriage to his designer wife Shivani is illegal. He came to know about during all this current spat. Actually, Deepak is Shivani’s second husband. Without divorcing her first husband, she had married Deepak, which is illegal. Deepak was unaware of this. The couple has two children together. Daughter Samara is about 20 years old, while her younger son is Karan.

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