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Deepika Kakkar to Keep Karva Chauth Fast in Bigg Boss House, Other Contestants Who Also Did That Before!




The ‘Sanskari Bahu’ of TV Simar aka Deepika Kakkar is in Bigg Boss 12 and after marriage, this is Deepika’s first Karva Chauth. But will she keep the fast? It’s the question of the hour. To let you know, Deepika got married to Shoaib Ibrahim this year on February 22. It is worth considering that, it is Deepika’s second marriage to Shoaib.

It has been just a couple of days since the high voltage reality show has begun, but it looks like it is already becoming a bit difficult for Deepika to stay inside the glass-walled house without his significant other Shoaib Ibrahim.

It was a love marriage and for that Deepika converted into Islaam. After that, Deepika sworn to follow the Muslim religion. According to the sources, makers of the show are planning to make an entry of Shoaib Ibrahim in the show.

Well, it is not for the first time when a contestant is performing Karva Chauth rituals in the show. Earlier, Bigg Boss season 10’s contestant Karan Mehra and controversial Priyanka Jagga Muse also kept it. It is undoubtedly difficult to stay inside that house without your loved ones and we just hope that Deepika manages to survive for long, don’t you think?