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Entertainment Lady Casanova Deepika Padukone Dated These 8 Famous Men For Money, Success...

Lady Casanova Deepika Padukone Dated These 8 Famous Men For Money, Success and Fame

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Deepika Padukone, the seductive and sexy diva of Bollywood is known for making boys go mad in her love. She is also endowed with amazing acting skills. She is a strong lady and is quite bold and can take stands on any issue close to her without any fear or favor. But there exist her other side too! She is also known for having a big list of boyfriends in short span of a time period whom she dated for money, success and fame. Today via this article we will bring you a list of her eight boyfriends which is known publicly.

1) Nihaar Pandya: The time when Deepika was struggling model she found helping hand Pandya who was quite rich. Nihaar helped Deepika immensely and it was he who helped her to become a successful model. After Deepika after her first film tasted success she ditched him.

2) Upen Patel: Deepika was in a relationship with Upen Patel when both were struggling models. However, this relationship remained fo a very short period of time. Upen introduced Deepika to lots of top ad makers and helped her to make a mark in the modeling world.

3) Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Remeber that time when there was Dhoni-Dhoni on everyone’s lips? He became cricket sensation in the year 2005-2006. There was the time when he was asked to come to the stage for a modeling sort of things. Deepika was also there and they became friends. Dhoni and Deepika dated for a very short time. Later, Deepika ditched him too.

4) Yuvraj Singh: Yes, it was Yuvi for which Deepika had ditched Dhoni. Again, her relationship with Yuvi didn’t go well and they both parted their ways.

5) Ranbir Kapoor: It was the time when both had debuted in the Bollywood with their first film. Where Deepika’s Om Shanti Om went a super hit, there Saanwariya of Ranbir Kapoor went flop. Ranbir Kapoor was quite talented and was considered as the next superstar of the Bollywood. Deepika finds it luxurious to be hooked up with the next sensation. But it was Ranbir who called it off for Katrina Kaif.

6) Siddharth Mallya: The son of the liquor baron, Sid, met Deepika in a party. Deepika soon sensed that this guy is going to establish a great business empire in the future. They started dating each other. They were in a relationship for two years. However, when she found a problem started to crop up in the Mallya business empire, she left Sid.

7) Ranveer Singh: Deepika with her great sense of sensing the future billionaire found that Ranveer Singh can become the next superstar. She left all male guys and became his girlfriend. They are now a couple, without any marriage plans.

8) Novak Djokovic: Now recently Deepika was caught having a secret dinner date with none other than the Tennis sensation, Novak Djokovic. People are still speculating about the exact relationship between them. But, there is no denying that this was a ‘date’ and Deepika had tried to conceal it from media. Maybe the no. 8th!


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