The one thing that stands out Deepika and Ranveer as a coupe from the rest is their utmost comfort level with each other as partners and their frequent crazy mindless acts that makes them the most adorable couple Bollywood has ever seen.

Moving along the same lines, Deepika Padukone, just a day after Bajirao Mastani’s release has cut off Ranveer Singh’s precious ‘Bajirao’ Moustache, which Ranveer had grown owing to his character’s requirements and Boy! How he carried that Moustache off!

But not anymore, Its gone! And Here’s how it happened. Ranveer Singh, the kind hearted soul that he is, uploaded the whole action on Twitter..

And this was the End, Final Result…

And Somehow this whole crazy, funny incident reminded me of this.. right here!


We Feel you Ranveer. But Seeing Deepika basking in that glory, we just can’t help but laugh! 😛

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