Entertainment Deepika's Kickass Reply On Being Asked A Cocky Question

Deepika’s Kickass Reply On Being Asked A Cocky Question

Deepika Padukone apart from her breathtaking good looks is known for her presence of mind and smartass answers. At a particular event she was asked a rather cocky question by a reporterwhich went like, “Who do you think you look better with? Ranbir Kapoor or Ranveer Singh?” Guess what she replied..

Here check it out..

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Now I am guessing we all know what makes this question so cocky. While Ranbir Kapoor is Deepika’s ex-flame and the two had a rather sad breakup, Deepika is now dating Ranveer Singh and the two are giving Relationship goals to couples all over the country with their bang-on chemistry. However, the on-screen chemistry between Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone is another thing. the two recently got compared as Shahrukh and Kajol for their fiery chemistry in Tamasha. 

Just like the interview shows, where Deepika smartly dodged the question letting Ranbir take the cannon, Ranbir gave a witty answer to tongue tie everyone once and for all. Well answered Ranbir, you get a 10/10! 😉

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