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High Life Defects in Women That Can Actually Make Men go Crazy!

Defects in Women That Can Actually Make Men go Crazy!

Nobody is perfect in this world! We all are born with imperfections. But what if your imperfection becomes your positive point? It is said that some of the most graceful charms are indeed those “failures” or peculiarities that characterize and makes a person even more interesting or outstanding. Based on this, here are some feminine defects that are not considered as flaws, instead they can drive any man crazy!

1) Nervousness

Getting nervous is natural. Well, nervousness at the time of date makes you feel uncomfortable. Well, they could not be more wrong, since such a way of acting is something that turns men on. Be nervous be original. Don’t show something of yourself that you aren’t and the way is yours!

2) Curves

Being natural is the key to the heart. It majorly everyone’s perception that being slim-trim is the most desired thing by men. No way, a curvy woman is the most attractive for every male. They look cute and bubbly and happy. All this stereotype is based on the media and modeling world, which creates unreal canons of beauty.

3) Low Tone of Voice

If you have a deep voice and you feel insecure as you are intimidated on more than one occasion because of it, then stop feeling so. The men love the women with this type of voices, while it brings the feeling of calmness and security to them.

4) Sweat

Do you know that men take sweat on more than one occasion as an indication of sensuality but it depends on the type of clothes you are wearing. Let suppose, if you just came from the gym and have a very tight blouse he will resemble himself in a situation from the night and will want to take a shower with you or spend some time in bed.

5) Moles

Many women hate moles and especially the places where they have them. In order to prove this, let’s take the of beauty bombs Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford. Marilyn had moles on various parts of her body, and she was not completely thin, but no men could resist her charm. Sometimes it is better to be proud of these “defects”. So embrace your natural beauty and flaunt like a diva as you are perfect in your imperfections!

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