Degree & Guys


Her mother told them, “my daughter is a laureate in English and aspires to be a doctorate in Psychology some day. ”
His Mother’s eyebrows raised, ” oh, but can she cook and take care of our family?”
“She never got time to learn cooking, she was always studying but she eventually will” her mother justified.
Is she going to work after marriage? His father inquired unusually.
“We made her study this much to be self dependent. So Certainly She Will.” Her father advocated.
“But i am a businessman and we are quite well to do and i wont allow her to step out and work.” He finally spoke.
She took a glance, stood up and went away.
She thought He Loved & Respected Her Choices.
But Some Unions Are Just Not Meant to Be. A salutation of a degree before your name is greater than a guy who doesn’t value it.