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News 'Delhi Still Not Eligible For Breathing' As Per Air Quality Index.

‘Delhi Still Not Eligible For Breathing’ As Per Air Quality Index.

Delhi is stuck in the middle of pollution. It is on the same platform once again with the low quality of air. Recently, The Air Quality Index of Delhi has fallen in the ‘Very Poor’ cateogary. The Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR) has come up with the data which is not so pleasant for Delhi. Thus, the city is still not eligible for breathing.

Parameters To Calculate AQI

AQI is Air Quality Index which is calculated on the following parameters.

  • 0-50 AQI is good
  • 51-100 is satisfactory
  • 101-200 is moderate
  • 201-300 is poor
  • 301-400 is very poor
  • and 401-500 is next level dangerous

What Is The Position Of Delhi?

319 is the sensitive calculation of the AQI of Delhi. This is a poor position because it falls under the category of Very Poor. This is going to create huge problems for the patients who have breathing issues. Proper measures are advised for the ones having heart issues. Also, people are advised to keep their pollution masks as a compulsory object with themselves.

Fighting against pollution is in our own hands. The concerned people need to think of stopping their pollution promoting activities. Moreover, the Delhities need to figure out a solution because it is necessary before their city falls under the dangerous cateogary.

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