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News Demonetisation Effect: Dr Manmohan Singh Finally Breaks His Silence In Rajya Sabha

Demonetisation Effect: Dr Manmohan Singh Finally Breaks His Silence In Rajya Sabha

Narendra Modi outraged Manmohan Singh to become India’s Prime Minister in 2014 mainly because he was able to build a sharp contrast between his own aggression and Manmohan Singh’s timidity. Yes, we are all are well aware of the fact Manmohan Singh has been one of the inactive leader in his tenure. All things considered, the demonetisation effect has affected all the citizens of the nation. Among them, Manmohan Singh is also infulenced by the overnight decision.

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Yesterday, Rajya Sabha witnessed a dramatic role reversal between the current and former prime ministers. Attacking the government on demonetisation, Manmohan Singh had some confident words to speak in the Rajya Sabha similar to the angry Modi. Prime Minister Modi, who kept mum without addressing the house, resembled the pre-2014 muted Manmohan Singh, who would either silently suffer criticism by opposition and media or withdrew into background as opposition would uproar for his statement.

fORMER Indian Prime Minster Manmohan Singh addresses a press conference, in New Delhi, India, Friday, Jan. 3, 2014.  Prime Minister Singh said Friday he would step aside after 10 years in office, paving the way for Rahul Gandhi to take the reins of the world's biggest democracy if his party stays in power in this year's elections. (AP Photo/Harish Tyagi, Pool)

Terming demonetisation as “monumental mismanagement” and “organised loot and legalised plunder“, the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said it would drag the country’s GDP down by 2 percentage points. Just when he began his speech, Manmohan Singh made it clear it was not the former passive, silent Manmohan but a confident leader out to bait and confront his opponent. He did not appear to mind even if he had to play to the gallery while he was at it. Check out the speech –

In any case, the day belonged to Dr Manmohan Singh, whose combative rhetoric suggested he not only found his voice but his very place in the day’s politics: a former prime minister breathing down the neck of the incumbent. What are your perspectives behind the same? Do pour your comments in the comment section below!

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